The successes of modern medicine and medical technology are inextricably linked. Diagnostic and therapeutic concepts which just a few decades ago were considered unthinkable, are now standard practice both in the clinic and at home.

In addition to the restoration of bodily functions, the quality of life of the patient undergoing therapy is, quite rightly, playing an increasingly important role in the public debate about medical advances. Innovative manufacturers in the field of medical technology have been fulfilling this need for many years, and today many treatment procedures are more efficient, cost-effective and also less stressful for patients.

With its developing focal points of neonatology, anaesthesia, sleep medicine and respiratory therapy, Heinen und Löwenstein manufactures and distributes high-quality medical devices and has been a market leader in most areas for many years. As a medium-sized family business, we have connections with the world’s largest medical technology companies thanks to long-term partnerships.

Home Ventilation

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Compressors and Testing devices

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